Step 1 – Lumera Eye Serum

Eventually when you cross a certain age, your skin starts to show up the visible signs of aging that undoubtedly gives you sleepless nights and bothers you the most. Luckily, there are solutions to get rid of dark circles, wrinkles and other aging signs, known as Lumera Eye Serum and La Dermanique.

When it comes to skin repair and renewal, these are the best products to opt for. Let us know about both of them in this combination review…

Explore About The Formula!

This is an advanced anti-wrinkle eye serum that helps to reduce and prevent aging signs from your skin. The formula works to increase the collagen production in your skin that helps you gain smoother and radiant looking skin. This product further reduces the aging signs from your face and provides you youthful appearance easily.

Lumera Eye Serum Ingredients

  • Pepha Tight
  • Grape Fruit Extract
  • Gatuline
  • Sweet Almond Oil

Get Proven Results!

  • Reduces 80% puffiness
  • Eliminates 73% dark circles
  • Smoothens out 64% wrinkles

How Does Lumera Eye Serum Work?

The formula reduces the look of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet from your skin in order to provide you younger looking skin. This product works to diminish the look of discoloration and uneven skin tone so as to enhance the appearance of healthy and new skin. Furthermore, the serum helps to improve the firmness, hydration and skin tone.

Directions To Use!

  • Wash and pat dry your face
  • Apply the serum under your eyes, face and neck
  • Allow it a time to get absorbed

Things To Remember!

  • Use it as per the right directions
  • Store it in a cool, dry place

Any Side Effects?

The product contains all natural ingredients and is free from any chemical additives, therefore no side effects. Besides, this is the safest formula one can use.

Without any doubt, the earlier product of this combination can do wonders to your skin. But, for maximum and complete results, take a look at its second product. Continue reading…

Step 2 – La Dermanique

We all go through aging once in our life and it happens to everyone. But, have you ever thought that you can actually stay young for long? Yes, with La Dermanique, you can easily gain healthy and youthful skin. Use the formula along with the earlier product to get faster and long lasting results. Keep on reading…

Discover About The Product!

This is an incredible anti-aging face serum that is created for the people to look their best and get rid of all aging signs. The formula helps to hydrate your skin to prevent itching and keeps your skin healthy. Besides, this is a dermatologist’s recommended formula that assures safe results.

La Dermanique Ingredients

  • Ceramide-2
  • Beta Glucan
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Coenzyme Q10

Get Rid Of…

  • Dangerous surgery
  • Costly maintenance
  • Painful injections
  • Expensive lasers
  • Monthly check ups

How Does La Dermanique Work?

This product helps to maintain the elasticity and suppleness of your skin that makes you look younger for years. The formula reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and leaves you with a vibrant and glowing skin. Besides, this solution keeps your skin supple, smooth, resilient and youthful.

Overall Benefits!

  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Traps moisture
  • Dramatic skin repair
  • Counters the aging effects of stress

Do Not Use, If…

  • You are under 30 of age
  • Your skin is allergic

Side Effects?

No, the formula is extremely safe to use as it is free from all harmful chemicals, binders or side effects.

Where To Buy?

Grab your exclusive combination pack of Lumera Eye Serum and La Dermanique by visiting their official sites now only.